Video walls for everyone!

The Media FX Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Userful Corporation to bring networked, affordable video wall technology to British Columbia.


Until now video walls required significant investment. Enter the Userful network ZERO client. One PC can deliver multiple video walls so you’re not limited to just one video wall - you can have multiple video walls controlled by a single computer (max 25 displays per server).

Supporting up to 4K resolution, our Userful software and support includes everything but the displays and mounts, at a price that is 1/4 to 1/8th the price of comparable video wall solutions.


Userful software includes basic playlist support and more advanced content scheduling through CMS integration. Utilizing the included Rise Vision player – a cloud-based, full featured CMS - customers get an integrated content scheduling and digital signage solution.

In terms of remote device management, the control centre can be accessed from any web browser on your internal network and allows discrete display calibration for each display including colour calibration, health monitoring, set resolution, and more.


This technology is a game changer in the video wall marketplace, and the Media FX Group is poised to build the creative content and deliver the video wall to serve your needs.

What makes this solution so innovative is its ability to handle up to 25 displays in ANY artistic configuration. Your video wall displays are not tied to a matrix, they can be positioned at any angle! The system comes preconfigured with an online CMS that can be adjusted relatively quickly to accommodate any display layout.


The Media FX Group creates high-definition video, graphics, or other creative content to your specifications that will add beauty and awe to your lobby. We will create eye-catching display advertising or digital signage in unlimited configurations.

Whether you’re seeking a permanent video wall installation in your lobby, or interested in a video wall rental for a tradeshow booth, contact Jeremy for more information on how the Media FX Group can create a video wall to suit your unique needs.

Check out our Video Walls page for more information about the Userful system.

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